Manchester Domestic Energy Assessors are Accredited Green Deal Advisors and work in conjunction with the following Green Deal Assessor Organisation(s)

Green Consulting UK Ltd.

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Manchester Domestic Energy Assessors are Accredited Green Deal Advisors and work in conjunction with the following Green Deal Assessor Organisation(s)

Green Deal Consulting UK Ltd.




What are the requirements to be a qualified, authorised advisor?

A qualified, authorised Green Deal Advisor is any individual who meets the requirements set out in both the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Green Deal Advisors.

He or she can be employed by an organisation that has been certified by the appointed accreditation body against the relevant Green Deal Scheme Standard, has signed the Code of Practice, and appears on the Green Deal register.

How will advisors get paid?

To enable flexibility, the approach to payment of assessors and the price of the assessment will be determined by the market. Once the Green Deal is established, the market will be monitored to ensure it is operating effectively.

How will advisors’ work be monitored/ quality assured?

Those providing Green Deal assessments and associated advice will be certified by an accredited certification body. These certification bodies will be accredited to deliver certification in line with a Green Deal Scheme Standard that will cover both what is expected of them and what is expected of the companies/organisations delivering assessor services. The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), has been appointed to independently accredit the certification bodies.

What are MDEA qualified to do?

MDEA are qualified in the following areas of domestic surveying, consultancy and advice.

Cavity Wall and Loft Insulation

Solar Panel Consultants

Home Energy/Lifestyle Management System Consultants

Green Deal Assessors/Advisors.

How are MDEA registered?

MDEA consultants are qualified to the following standards and can be found on the Government held Green Deal Register.

NEA 6176/Dip.DEA.

C&G Green Deal Domestic Advice 600/4934/0

Is MDEA advice independent?

Yes. MDEA are a completely independent organisation that provides impartial advice. We are not connected to any commercial organisation that may have a vested interest in directing you toward a particular product supplier or product installer. As a homeowner, you simply pay a single, one off fee to MDEA who will carry out the survey and provide you with a complete report on the suitablity of Green Deal energy incentives for your particular property. You will then be able to take this repoprt to any Green Deal approved and qualified product and installation service supplier to have the work done.

If you wish, once the report is complete, MDEA can discuss the report findings with you and put you in contact with suitable, independant product and installation service suppliers.

Green Deal Qualified Assessor





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