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What Will the Green Deal Mean for Homeowners?

The Green Deal is very much about raising awareness about the benefits of improving energy efficiency measures in your home. Last year alone the UK wasted 7 billion pounds of energy and Green Deal is designed to help combat that loss and make positive changes to home owners lifestyles. Whilst also: reducing waste, minimising energy consumption and avoiding unnecessary costs.

The Green Deal will allow you to make energy efficiency improvements through a brand new initiative that is being promoted by the Government. This is being administered through a body of accredited advisers such as MDEA who can carry out appropriate surveys and reccomend fully accredited and qualified providers and installers

If you are a homeowner, you no longer need to worry about taking out unsecured personal loans or seeking other sources of finance in order to make energy efficiency improvements to your home or property.

What work can be carried out under the scheme?

The work included within the scheme includes;

(a) Heating, ventilation & air conditioning (including condensing boilers, under floor heating & heating controls)

(b) Building fabric (e.g. cavity wall insulation, loft insulation, draft proofing, energy efficient glazing and doors and more wall and floor insulation

(c) Lighting (fittings and controls)

(d) Water Heating (innovative hot water systems and energy efficient taps and showers)

(e) Microgeneration (Solar thermal, solar PV, ground and air source pumps).

Once Green Deal measures have been implemented to your home, a Green Deal Charge, alongside reductions in energy use, will be clearly outlined on the energy bill associated with the property. This enables you to see where the savings are being made, and allows you to monitor the payback period.

A prerequisite of the Green Deal is that any 'expected' financial savings to you, the homeowner, must either be 'equal to or greater than the costs' associated with the energy bill, making it a fail-safe system for all participants.

The Green Deal ensures homeowners are protected by the terms of the Consumer Credit Act. Green Deal providers, advisors and installers must comply with certain criteria and undergo a robust accreditation process. They are obliged to give appropriate advice based on the circumstances of each individual who applies for the Green Deal.

And, because the Green Deal Charge remains strictly with the property, rather than being transferred with the owner-occupier or tenant, there are no costs to the consumer once they stop enjoying the benefits of energy reduction measures.

For more information about the Green Deal Scheme or If you'd like to be contacted by an Assessor now the scheme is launched, please complete our contact form and we'll ensure that, with your complete agreement, your property is surveyed by our qualified and totally independent team of MDEA assessors.

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