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 What is the Green Deal?

The Green Deal "Golden Rule" will act as the back bone of this major UK Government scheme and support future developments. The Golden Rule is a simple one. It ensures that it is worthwhile for the Green Deal consumer to get involved and that they make savings on their energy bill. It also ensures that the money can be repaid via the savings in energy costs and that the Green Deal suppliers are paid back.

To qualify for the Green Deal all properties will need to undergo an inspection by a certified Green Deal Assessor, sometimes referred to as Green Deal Advisors. The assessment will take into account the fabric of the building. It will also look at the way the occupants currently use the building.

The framework that the government is now working from is the current Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). An updated EPC will be needed to qualify for the Green Deal.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change has agreed with the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) on the accreditation scheme that all assessors will have to pass before they can make property inspections. MDEA is fully accredited under this scheme for domestic properties. We do not provides assessments for commercial properties undre the current Green Deal regulations. (See Certifications)

For both domestic and commercial customers the assessors will be looking at:

(a) The fabric of the building, condition and materials used.

(b) How the building is used, what hours is the building used, what purpose

By also considering regional weather patterns to calculate the savings that can be achieved should give accurate and impartial advice to domestic and commercial customers alike.



To find out more about this great new initiative that is guaranteed to save you money, please read all sections of this website and then contact us by email from our contacts page.

MDEA maintains an active environmental policy with regard to company vehicles and going forward will be 100% electric like our latest addition the Nissan Leaf.

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