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It's no surprise that winters in England can be cold and miserable, especially if it's costing you an arm and a leg to keep your house warm. Energy prices in the UK are continuously rising and British families are suffering. Fuel poverty is growing rapidly and aggressively with some 5.4 million UK homes living in under heated, poorly lit homes.

The Green Deal Scheme has been set up to help those who are financially struggling to afford home improvements that help keep your house warmer for longer, therefore cutting down on your energy bills.

The way The Green Deal works is by having an accredited assessor, such as MDEA, come and assess your property looking out for all the improvements that can be made on your home under the Green Deal Scheme.

Once the assessor has made a report on your home they will pass it on to you to pass on to your chosen GDA installer.

If your house does not already have insulation you could be losing up to 26% of your heat, energy you are paying for.

One way the Green Deal can help your improve you properties efficacy is by insulating your walls and roof. Having you insulation is a quick effective way to cut down on your energy bills

Insulation is designed like a blanket trapping rising heat in your house that would otherwise dissipate through your roof and walls.

If your house is quite a modern house it will most likely be built with cavity walls. Having cavity walls basically means you walls are built with two walls built next to each other, with a small space between. Cavity walls are not a very good way to save energy as first thought. The way they are insulated is by filling the cavity with foam, mineral wool, granules or beads.

Alternatively, if your house was built before the 1920's it most likely won't be built with cavity walls but with just solid walls. Solid walls give out a lot of energy, even more so than cavity walls. Even though the walls are solid it is still possible to insulate them. The method by which some solid walls are insulated can be either from the interior or exterior but they have to be assessed on an individual basis.

Insulation on solid walls can be very expensive so having The Green Deal insulate you home along with other measures does prove to be very cost effective.

For more information about the Green Deal Scheme or If you'd like to be contacted by an Assessor now the scheme is launched, please complete our contact form and we'll ensure that, with your complete agreement, your property is surveyed by our qualified and totally independent team of MDEA assessors.

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