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What will the Green Deal mean for Landlords?

The Green Deal is a UK government scheme with the target to make properties more energy efficient. This is due to the severe need to reduce the carbon emissions being released into the atmosphere. The scheme hopes to make energy saving measures available to property owners across the UK, including both houses and business buildings.

One sector of society that should seriously take advantage of the scheme is landlords. Laws will be clamping down on landlords over the next few years in England in terms of what their tenants can demand off them. For example, from 2016, tenants will be able to demand reasonable energy efficiency improvements from their landlords. This highlights the benefits to be reaped from the Green Deal; a scheme that offers these improvements at no upfront cost to the property owner.

The Green Deal Scheme will cover improvements such as the installation of Green Deal double glazing, Green Deal insulation and Green Deal boilers. To go through with such property improvements will not only significantly increase its value, but make it much more comfortable for the tenants occupying it. This will be financed through the Green Deal loan, which will be attached to the property and not the owner.

Green Deal home improvements will be paid back through the energy bills attached to the property. The golden rule of the Green Deal is that these payments will never be allowed to exceed the money saved on energy bills. This means that Landlords can get the property improvements they need to abide by the 2018 Energy Bill, which will ensure that the legal minimum energy efficiency standards for rented homes will be an “E” class.

Landlords will be liable to fines if they do not undertake any property improvements requested by their tenants, so therefore should take advantage of the cheaper option of the Green Deal to avoid any future expenditure.

What about the new Energy Companies Obligation?(ECO)

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is a requirement of the six main energy suppliers in the UK to fund works that reduce the amount of carbon produced and the fuel bills in domestic customer's homes. This scheme has launched in autumn 2012, along with the Green Deal. There are two elements of the ECO: carbon saving and affordable warmth.

Carbon saving ECO

The main objective of the carbon saving ECO is to work alongside the Green Deal to provide additional support for more complex energy efficiency solutions (for example, in older properties with solid walls or off the gas network). These homes may not be able to fund energy efficiency improvements through Green Deal finance alone, so many households will receive packages of measures jointly funded by a mixture of Green Deal finance and the ECO. This is expected to particularly focus on solid wall insulation. This scheme is known as the Carbon Saving Communities Obligation (CSCO) and contains specific benefit for those properties in rural areas known as the CSCO (Rural Areas) scheme.

Affordable warmth ECO

The affordable warmth ECO is designed to provide support to low income and vulnerable households who are on certain qualifying benefits and least able to heat their homes to an adequate standard. Any measure which improves the thermal performance of a property and reduces the cost of a customer's fuel bills could be eligible for affordable warmth ECO support. Energy suppliers are expected to deliver primarily new heating systems and basic insulation measures, such as cavity wall and loft insulation, under the affordable warmth obligation. This scheme is known as the Affordable Warmth Obligation (AWO)

For more information about the Green Deal Scheme and ECO, or If you'd like to be contacted by an Assessor now the schemes are launched, please complete our contact form and we'll ensure that, with your complete agreement, your property is surveyed by our qualified and totally independent team of MDEA assessors.

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