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Commercial Buildings

Current laws now state that in relation to Building Control, Commercial Property Energy Performance Certificates and Energy Assessments of Industrial Buildings, Public Buildings & Institutions and the introduction of DEC Display Energy Certificates will be compulsory from April 6th 2008. Such buildings will in future have to be inspected by an accredited Commercially qualified Energy Assessor, using RdSAP & SAP assessment procedures to produce the relevant documentation and certification.

How Does This Affect You..

After this deadline any commercial property which is placed on the property market for sale or rent in England and Wales requires an energy inspection by an Authorised Energy Assessor and an Energy Performance Certificate (Commercial EPC) obtained.

Public Buildings..

For public buildings a DEC - Display Energy Certificate must be obtained, in addition, for all buildings subject to rental, or lease, Air Conditioning Inspection is required and a survey of boiler and heating controls undertaken by qualified engineers for the completion of an advisory report.

Where we are now.... and the future..

Commercial Buildings Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) and provision of an energy assessment will be required for all other properties in the future, including energy certificates for Social Housing inspection and Rental Property sectors. These will have to be issued by a Qualified SAP Assessor for existing buildings and also New Build residential property. Assessors will also inspect air conditioning systems where they are installed.

Find Out More...

To find out more about how MDEA can help you to obtain all neccessary Commercial Building Energy Performance Certification, please go through to our Contact page.





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